Almond st clement cake

A nutty, syrupy sweet treat from Konditor and Cook

Oranges and lemons sang the bells of St Clements—and our taste buds upon experiencing this week’s Friday feeling, Konditor and Cook’s almond st clement cake. Baked fresh each morning, it is steeped in oranges: orange zest, orange juice and a final, sticky drizzle of orange syrup shining across any part of the golden surface that isn’t covered in toasted, creamy almond half-moons.

“It’s gluten free, though it may have traces,” says Sarah, “there’s no flour inside: just ground almonds, oranges and lemons,” she adds. It is, she continues seriously, “the healthiest cake we do”.

This is quite something when the cakes are as rich, creamy and indulgent as those that made Konditor and Cook famous. Chocolate, butter icing, salted caramel and cream cheese are what gets this artisan, German-inspired bakery going, not health.

Whiskey bombs
Health is something you leave at the door, as you feast on brownies, chocolate noisette and whiskey bombs: to leave with it in tact seems like carelessness. Yet in the case of the almond st clement cake, healthy is not as healthy can sometimes taste.

“It is not one of our most famous cakes, but it has won a Great Taste award,” says Sarah. “If I want something from here that is not too rich, that’s what I’ll go for.” As usual, every ingredient is organic, and the oranges are the finest Italy can produce.

“It’s a long way to come, but worth it to be in almond st clement,” she smiles. Our tastebuds, still singing, can’t help but agree—for such a smooth melding of nuttiness and syrupy sweetness, we’d travel a long way indeed.