Beetroot and ginger cookies

A colourful twist on a Konditor & Cook favourite

If you’re a regular at Borough Market, the concept of Konditor & Cook’s two tone biscuits probably needs no introduction. Sold—dangerously—by the bagful, they’ve been the downfall of many a pre-holiday diet, post-Christmas diet, and every other diet in between. Made with fresh vanilla shortbread and chocolate shortbread swirled together in a dizzying spiral, four is not enough, let alone one.

Now, Konditor & Cook has given these fail-safes a colourful and seemingly ‘healthy’ twist by adding beetroot to the vanilla part of the biscuit and replacing the cocoa with the warm, spirited tones of ground ginger. “You might think hmm, beetroot biscuits?!” says Nikki of Konditor and Cook. “But you don’t really taste much of it. It’s just to balance the ginger—we use beetroot powder, and it’s mixed with our usual vanilla shortbread mix. You don’t get too much of that earthy taste.”

Nikki is keen to explain—and we’re anxious to listen, alarmed as we are to find that our favourite biscuits have turned pink and, well, ginger. “Right now we have a campaign at Konditor and Cook, called Back to the Roots. We’re baking from the vegetable patch, so using beetroot, squash, parsnips, carrots and so on in our cakes and biscuits,” she continues, “and encouraging people to rediscover seasonal veg.”

The beetroot powder is from Borough Market’s own Spice Mountain. So is the ginger, the heat of which increases steadily as you work your way through the biscuits. We say ‘work’, but these are actually as addictive as their forebears, if not more so. They team well with tea. They complement coffee. The beetroot adds beauty, and—taste wise—a base note on which the fires of ginger, the soft glow of butter and the shimmering scent of vanilla can flicker and shine.