Best of times, worst of times: Kitty Schuchard

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The likes and dislikes of Kitty from Heritage Cheese

Fantasy job
I studied art and come from a family who have always been concerned about and engaged with environmental issues. I think I have had a taste of my fantasy job last year, when I was involved in setting up a permaculture garden in Gambia, West Africa. Permaculture gardening is very environmentally beneficial as it is based on the concept of only using plants that are suited for the local environment, reducing the need for fertilisers or imported plants. As well as the gardening, my artist friend Coco and I made art pieces from local rubbish, as a comment on waste. I think my fantasy job would be creating art that highlights and explores environmental issues.

Worst job
That was working in a pub in the financial district of London, where all the insurance brokers and bankers went. I didn’t like the atmosphere and the fact that the bar manager was really quite unpleasant was the last straw.

Best recent film
That was The Cobbler. It is about a weary, worn out shoe repair man who is magically transported to his customer’s lives when he tries on their shoes. I like the fact that there was a deeper meaning behind what can at first appear to be mundane events and activities. The film is also about the importance of holding on to traditions and he eventually becomes a bit of a hero.

Dream holiday destination
I’d really like to travel around South America. I’d love to go to an area that has escaped the damage the modern world is doing to the region. I have some long-lost family in Brazil, so it would be really interesting to try and follow that up. But Brazil is a very big country.

Favourite childhood dish
Vegetable lasagne. My mother is vegetarian so that was the one I grew up on.

Worst kitchen disaster
I was trying to cook some jollof rice for a group of friends at home. I had got all the ingredients together but put in far too much rice for the size of the pot and the water. It just turned into a mushy, inedible lump with a burnt bottom. I hate waste, but I just had to throw the whole of it away.

Favourite school subject
I really loved carpentry. I went to a Steiner school and they start teaching you practical things like that at a young age. I loved the feeling of using tools and working with my hands. We once had to make a wooden egg. I was quite good at it and remember the other children asking me to help them.

Worst school subject
I really disliked maths. I just didn’t feel confident with the subject.

Favourite drink
I really like a tequila when at a party. I find it a really uplifting, happy drink.

Least favourite drink
There is a whole class of drinks I don’t like, which is anything really sweet. Things like liqueurs and sweet cocktails are just too much.

Food hero
Has to be Jamie Oliver. He does so much good work beyond just cooking. He really seems to care about people, especially children, getting access to good food.

Favourite album
That is an album made by my step dad’s band. They were called Thunderdogs. It holds a lot of memories for me. It was the soundtrack to the circus where my dad worked when I was a child. It is space rock and very political. I know all the words to every track.

Best recent gig
I was taken to see a band called Heng. They were all dressed up on stage and had placards so the audience could sing along. They were aliens from the future who had come to teach us how to protect our world and our future. It was a really great atmosphere.

Favourite thing about London
I really like the sense of freedom the city gives you. In London you are free to be who you are and express yourself creatively and as an individual.

Worst thing about London
It can be so busy and hard to travel around that it’s easy to lose touch with friends.

Favourite way to relax
After a day at the Market I love to go to a sauna and relax. There are lots of saunas locally and there is a really nice community based around it.

Hangover cure
The juice of a whole lemon in water with some maple syrup and cayenne pepper.