Best of times, worst of times: Molly

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The likes and dislikes of the familiar face behind Ted’s Veg

Fantasy job
It would be to have a boutique in a campervan. I would move around with it to different markets around the country, selling quirky clothing and jewellery. The most important aspect of the boutique would be its nomadic nature.

Worst job
That was handing out flyers for this restaurant in Chinatown. It was a dingy little basement place where they did very cheap food that was essentially bought frozen from supermarkets and cooked in a tiny kitchen. My job was to lure people in there. It was embarrassing, no one ever came out with a smile on their face. They sold everything: Chinese, Indian, fish and chips, they did everything equally badly. That was a very short-lived job.

Best recent film
Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp. It has been around for a long time, but I hadn’t seen it until recently and loved the quirky nature of it, and the beautiful costumes. I found the film really endearing.

Favourite holiday destination
I love Sicily. I love the food, the climate, the people, the slower way of life. I remember my first morning there. I had arrived late the night before and when I opened the door onto this little balcony overlooking this busy street, it was a beautiful chaos of mopeds whizzing around, beeping, voices, smells. It all just connected with me on some level straight away.

Favourite childhood dish
My mum’s roast dinners. Though to be fair, for me they consisted mostly of yorkshire puddings. I really loved them.

Worst kitchen disaster
I tried to make a ketogenic cake following a recipe I had found, and it was just a nightmare. A ketogenic diet is an incredibly low carb diet. I used matcha green tea, a sugar substitute and almond flour. It turned out lurid green and had a really funky consistency. I remember bringing it here to the Market for some people to try and their faces when they tasted it were quite embarrassing. It is very hard to make a delicious low carb cake.

Favourite school subject
That was art. It was quite varied—we drew, painted, did some sculpting in clay. I just really enjoyed the creative process of all of them. Each one required a different approach, but with the aim of producing something creative. I think I was a hands-on pupil who liked diving in and getting involved in things.

Worst school subject
History—I wasn’t very good at absorbing all the dates. All they seemed to teach us was about wars—there was a lot about the second world war. There is so much history to learn from, but we had a very narrow focus that didn’t really interest me.

Favourite drink
I don’t drink a lot, but I like a really good mulled wine. I love it when you can really taste the cinnamon among a real mix of spices. I also like the fact that it is warm.

Worst drink
Gin. I know you can get lots of varieties, but I just don’t like it.

Food hero
I really respect all those Italian grandmothers who pass on these amazing recipes and techniques and keep the local traditions and cultures alive.

Best recent gig
That was a female reggae singer called Jah9. She was brilliant. She writes really thought-provoking songs with meaningful lyrics. There was a great atmosphere as well.

Best thing about London
I like the fact that on the whole, people are quite open-minded. I think that is a product of the wide diversity of cultures and backgrounds that you find here. Which is another thing I love about London.

Worst thing about London
Phone zombies. People who walk down the street glued to their phones not looking where they are going or engaging in any way with the people and environment around them.

Favourite city
It is impossible to choose but I really like Budapest. I have been there a few times and think it is underrated. There is really beautiful food, interesting buildings and the contrast between the old and new sides of the city. It is a lovely place.

Hangover cure
I’m afraid I don’t really have one.