Box clever: smoked mackerel potato salad

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Healthy, good value desk lunches don’t have to be repetitive and uninspiring. Borough Market blogger Victoria Brown offers her tips for easy, delicious and internationally inspired packed lunches. This month: smoked mackerel potato salad

I love this time of year in London, as people come out of hibernation and start shedding their winter coats. The promise of warmer months brings a buzz of excitement and anticipation; a few rays of sunshine and suddenly everyone’s at the park, kit off, disposable barbecues at the ready.

Ever optimistic when it comes to the weather, I have been caught out in my lightest summer dress three times this year. I grew up in Australia, so when I see sunshine out my window I assume it is going to be a warm day. You would have thought I’d learn after eight years in the UK.

Another thing I love about spring is the blossoms, not just because I am thrilled by their beauty, but because they mean my fruit bowl is about to get a makeover. No more apples, pears and oranges. Bring on the peaches, nectarines, apricots and cherries.

Get excited
In the meantime, there are plenty of spring vegetables to get excited about. I have used all my seasonal favourites in this salad: peas, broad beans, fine beans and asparagus.

I love eating broad beans and peas straight from the pod and there really is no substitute for fresh ones. I suggest shucking them in front of the TV—the time flies—but if it’s too much work for a packed lunch just swap them for something quick to prepare, like runner beans.

As with all of my packed lunches in this series, the recipe is very flexible and should be led by what you like and have to hand. If you don’t like any of the greens I’ve added, substitute something you do like. If you don’t fancy smoked mackerel, try salmon instead or skip the fish altogether.

Fresh and vibrant
The only rule is that it should be fresh and vibrant, and scream “summer’s just around the corner”. Everything else is up to you.

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