Cereal biscuits

Packed with sunflower seeds and raisins, and the perfect pair for a cuppa, courtesy of Karaway Bakery

“I think it's the sunflower seeds,” Ulita muses through a mouthful of biscuit, before swallowing and smiling contentedly. “I think that they are what makes it taste so good.” They aren't for everyone, those sharp, toothy little seeds of sunshine, but if you like them, you'll love Karaway Bakery’s so-called cereal biscuits.

“There is some butter, but it is mainly oats, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds,” she continues—a combination which, post Easter’s trio of buns, chocolate and lamb comes as something of a relief.

Don’t get us wrong: this is not a ‘health food’. There’s real Friday feeling in these cute, comforting-looking cookies. Sure, they’re healthier than a crème egg—what isn’t?—but as Ulita points out, “it’s the way they taste. That’s why I eat them.” 

Crisp, crunchy texture
Nutty and malty, with that sophisticated sesame-seed sweetness, their crisp, crunchy texture lends itself perfectly to a cup of strong builders. And if you’re not a sunflower seed fan, don’t worry. We’ll be back on the chocolate next week.