Cheese and olive sticks

Golden wands of wonder from Bread Ahead Bakery

We know what you’re thinking. At least, if you’re not a regular customer of Bread Ahead we know what you’re thinking. Cheese and olive sticks? Aren’t they the stale, cocktail-stick-skewered product of 1970s soirees? Don’t they usually come with Blue Nun and beige knits?

Well, yes—but not the ones we’re talking about. We’re talking about the golden wands of wonder that are Bread Ahead Bakery’s long, cheese and olive-stuffed ciabatta sticks.

We’re talking not one, but two British cheeses folded in the dough and baked inside until they melt and ooze throughout. Not for Bread Ahead a mere sprinkle of plastic cheese. That’s real red Leicester and mature cheddar you see spilling out the sides. Or, if they’ve cooled down slightly, crusted around it in delicious pools of magma.

A zesty, bitter burst
Those are real Moroccan olives, too—green beldis fresh from The Fresh Olive Company. Their addition lends a zesty, bitter burst of freshness to the fudgy mix of dough and cheesy goodness. “They are best warm, straight from the oven,” says Charlie on the stall. If you’re lucky you’ll get yours just like that, as they’re baked continuously throughout the day.

“Soon as that gets low”—Charlie points to the Jenga-esque tower of sticks—”we run to the bakery and ask for more. They’re incredibly popular, both as breakfast and as a light snack.” We like ours as a ‘little something’ around 11am, 2pm, 5pm, or 11pm. Charlie recommends a coffee, or a juice from Chegworth Valley to complement the flavour.

We’re sure they do—but by the time we get that far, nought but crumbs remain.