Chocolate flip flops

Inspired by Lucy Choi, masterfully made by Artisan du Chocolat

The soft hush of waves along the pebbles. The nursery rhyme tinkle of the ice cream van. The click-hiss of a ring pull as you open a can of beer—and of course, the flop flip of the flip flop. These are the sounds of summer, or at least summer as we know it, punctuated as it is by apocalyptic rain.

It’s in the latter’s eventuality that you may wish to turn your attentions to Artisan du Chocolat’s summer offering: chocolate flip flops, inspired by acclaimed designer Lucy Choi’s distinctive footwear and rendered delicious through the alchemic combination of lemon, white chocolate, caramelised hazelnuts, crunchy honeycomb and hazelnut praline.

“The honeycomb is at the bottom, mixed with hazelnuts,” says Andre. The delicately lemon-infused white chocolate forms the surface upon which an unfeasibly precise (given the mercurial nature of the material) leopard print pattern is stencilled. There are even straps to the sandals: two fine strips of dark chocolate which are ridged to give the appearance of rubber. It’s a masterpiece of chocolate engineering, and from a distance they could easily pass as real—if Oompa Loompa sized—shoes.

Dance across your tongue
“Each one is handmade, hand cut and hand decorated,” says Andre. The cocoa beans are Colombian in origin, ethically sourced and conched down in Devon, where the company is based. They aren’t wearable, but they will dance across your tongue with some enthusiasm, trailing traces of lemon cream, sticky bursts of honeycomb, spicy suggestions of dark chocolate and buttery nuggets of hazelnuts. Rain or shine, sand or pebbles, these flip flops have sole.