Culinary Delight

Categories: Reflections and opinions

As part of the Slow Food London awards celebrations at Borough Market on Friday 4th November, Suléy performed his poem, Culinary Delight, inspired by the Market

Suléy Muhidin is a community participation officer at Southwark Council (he was awarded the coveted title of 2015 Apprentice of the Year) and is driven by an inspirational commitment to helping people and communities to develop, become sustainable, and self-sufficient.

Culinary Delight
Tread gently, amongst the excitement and the haste,
And recall, what peace there may be in the slow.
Let us go, with the motion that is sweeping the nation;
It's innovation in the clean food we eat,
The green crops we grow and how we keep our planet sustainable
Has pioneered new methods and inspired a generation of dreamers.

Here, at Borough Market, food and craftsmanship pervade
This is where history is made, where dues are paid,
For you are surely amidst brilliance and grandeur—
A market, filled with market stalls
Which bare the mark that all can absorb in its ethics.

It is the trailing shell that has aroused a global movement,
A dynamism that dares to be bold,
And each morning as market stalls unfold
With fresh produce ready to be sold
To visitors from all over the world,
Here is a wonder that awaits to behold

Steal embossed gates unveil a vibrant environment,
Where customers take time to gauge
At the gorgeous array of food on display.
Traders take them away, on journey across Britain and Europe
And show them, that we are still a nation united -
Bound, by our unwavering passion for good food.
You set the mood, and demonstrate
That we are a global melting pot of culinary delight.
A sensational sight, of grocers, butchers, mongers and delis.
You provide the centrepiece of every occasion that brings us together.
We gather to a meal in celebration, in demise, in happiness, in despair,
You facilitate families and friends to share
In moments, in memories, in laughter, in pain,
Your talents can make the most mundane conversations that little bit easier to bear.

This is where tradition is observed,
Where culinary cultures are preserved.
So savour the momentous moment of success and stand proud,
For you are the artisans of our daily sustenance,
Providing a delicatessen of cultural effervescence.
You are the scholars in the lessons of growth and prosperity
So keep peace in your heart and be vigilant for the future,
For you are the custodians of our biodiversity and traditions
That are at danger of extinction.
May your culinary delight entrench a legacy with great distinction.

Words: Suléy Muhidin