Five: roots

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Five of the best roots from Borough’s greengrocers

Widely used in Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian cooking, this aromatic root is a member of the ginger family, but less intense in flavour with a perfumed scent. Adds a lovely depth of flavour to a Thai curry sauce or a clear fish soup with crab or prawns.

Parsley root
A staple ingredient in eastern European soups and stews, these pale tubers look almost identical to parsnips and have a flavour that’s somewhere between carrot and celeriac. Scrub them well, then use for fritters or chips, slow-cook with your Sunday roast or chop up into a gratin.

Found piled up at all of Borough’s greengrocers, this gnarly, woody root is commonly made into a cream or vegetable oil-based sauce and dolloped on roast beef. But this fiery, flavoursome veg can be used in myriad ways—try grating it raw into salad dressings for an extra kick.

Dowdy on the outside; sweet and creamy on the inside, celeriac can be consumed in just about every conceivable guise: be it grated raw in salads, salt-baked whole, thinly sliced into crisps or whizzed up into soup. A useful addition to any home cook’s veg drawer. 

Chervil root
While relatively unknown on these shores, chervil root is a common feature on French menus. Found at Turnips, this teeny, tiny veg has a sweet, nutty flavour that complements fish dishes. Peel off their grubby skin, slather in butter and roast in the oven to get the best out of them.