Friday feeling: blueberry and pistachio buns

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A Nordic-inspired pastry from The Flour Station

“A nod to the Nordic” is how Heather of The Flour Station describes their blueberry and pistachio buns. It’s a fitting description given the distinctly Scandinavian shift we’ve experienced in temperature this week, as summer takes its wet and windy leave. There are still plenty of late summer berries to be enjoyed though, and it’s the blueberries—plump and bleeding purple juices—that inspired this particular take on the chelsea bun: a sticky, pistachio-crowned, burnished brown beauty with berry-studded whorls of sweetened dough.

A scarcity of fruit, moisture or—disaster!—both can often blight the chelsea bun in its classic, currant-based incarnation. Generous handfuls of blueberries carry Flour Station’s offering over that pitfall and into a delightful new realm: one in which the dough is so full of fruit it is stained with it, such that it can be difficult to discern where the berries end and the bun begins. “They are packed with blueberries, and we add a hint of cardamom and orange peel to the dough,” Heather continues. “The added pistachios give crunch and a splash of colour.”

Lovely sticky buns
Proving the handmade dough for 48 hours and baking the buns in a tray all together means they can be “ripped apart into individual lovely sticky buns”—a job we would give our eye teeth for, were it not for the implications it might have on our ability to eat the resulting goods.

A cup of coffee is Scandinavia’s pairing of choice; a cuppa is Britain’s, so go with whatever your heart or caffeine addiction demands. Take five (or 10—these are big buns) and relax, preferably without your phone. Do share it, if you like your colleagues enough, but don’t feel obliged: it’s September, we’re back a work, the weather is turning, and the holidays are over. The least you can do for yourself is find a quiet corner and eat a blueberry and pistachio bun in peace.