Friday feeling: chocolate and avocado cake

A vegan, gluten-free cake that sounds far more wholesome than it tastes

It’s official, we thought, London has reached ‘peak avocado’, sidling up to The Free From Bakehouse stall to investigate the arrival of its chocolate and avocado cake. What we were met with, however, looked nothing like we were expecting—it looked like, well, a chocolate cake. It’s not green, for a start, and it certainly doesn’t seem as… wholesome, as we’d imagined.

“It looks like a heavy cake, but it’s actually very light and moist,” says owner Caroline. “It’s very popular—it’s a great alternative to our vegan brownie.” Avocado, being creamy, smooth and silken once seen to with a wooden spoon, makes for a seamless vegan alternative to butter, while the addition of blended tapioca, rice, buckwheat and potato flours renders the cake gluten and wheat free. “It’s quite challenging, making it gluten free and vegan,” Caroline, the mastermind behind all the stall’s creations, continues. “Not only are you taking out the egg, which binds it together, but you have to ensure it doesn’t collapse with the gluten-free flours”—this, we can attest, she’s achieved admirably.

The avocado adds pleasing texture—but can barely be detected flavour-wise: this is rich and fudgy chocolate cake, true and proper. It demands nought else but a fork—and perhaps a napkin, to wipe the whip of minted chocolate frosting off your satisfied, smiling face.