Friday feeling: hazelnut pralines

A classic way to say Happy Mother’s Day

Some say it with flowers. Some say it with silk scarves. Some say it with a saddle of beef (Ginger Pig, we salute you). But while the Friday feeling team is always up for breaking with tradition when necessary, we’re loathe to tamper with any custom that isn’t either clichéd or already broken. In short, we’re saying Happy Mother’s Day with chocolates—and not just any chocolates either: So Chocolicious’ hazelnut pralines.

“A praline enrobed with a creamy milk chocolate and tiny fragments of wafer makes this a chocolate not to be missed,” says creator Hayleigh, and having tried it ourselves, we’re more than inclined to agree with her. The wafer crackles on the tongue in a manner reminiscent of something Willy Wonka might conjure. The milk chocolate is as smooth and glossy as those silky scarves your mum is probably surfeit with. The hazelnuts are buttery and crunchy, with a soft, sweet aftertaste that lends itself perfectly, says Hayleigh, to “your mum’s favourite cup of tea”.

Personally, we’d suggest English breakfast, with milk, as the perfect complement: the slight bitterness counteracting the sweetness of the chocolate, the dash of milk dancing with its creaminess, the cosy and familiar taste resonant with love and family. But it’s Mother’s Day, so who are we to dictate. Give her the hazelnut pralines (they come in a beautiful beribboned box), put the kettle on and ask her what she would like—then, for once, follow her instructions to a T.