Friday feeling: hot cross fudge

All the sweet spice and juicy sultanas, none of the dough

Some people claim not to like hot cross buns. Their reasons are odd and varied, but the chief complaint seems to be breadiness. “Too much bread,” they’ll say, as they cut the bun with a critical eye and point triumphantly to the ratio of sultanas to spiced dough.

For the most part, they’re wrong. When well made (and the hot cross buns at Borough are well made) the dough is studded with plump fruit and glinting with citrus peel. But to each rule there are exceptions and we have all, at some point in our lives, come across a poorly spiced, poorly fruited HCB.

Orange peel and mixed spice
Step forward, Whirld’s hot cross bun fudge: all the flavours of a hot cross bun, none of the dough, and heaps and heaps of juicy sultanas. What started off as a fight for the most sultana-stuffed sugary lump became a rare scene of office civility: “No, no, really. After you.” That said, it’s not just the sultanas that makes this fudge, nor is it the lack of bread: it’s the orange peel. “It’s a simple recipe, but that orange peel combined with the mixed spice is what makes it so… hot cross bun-y,” enthuses Alex on the stall.

Alex has his with a plain cuppa: “There’s enough going on,” he continues, “and I think coffee would be too much. That said, I am thinking of doing a hot cross bun and butter pudding, with the fudge sprinkled on top…” It which sounds scrumptious to us, but might be a bun too far for those naysayers looking for more hot cross than dough. For now, we’ll stick to fudge.