Friday feeling: lemon cheesecake chocolates

Creamy white chocolate with a punchy lemon filling, topped with crisp balls of shortbread

“Some people think destiny is something you cannot escape, such as death or a curdled cheesecake, both of which always turn up sooner or later,” wrote the aptly named author Lemony Snicket, in the penultimate book of his Series of Unfortunate Events. Touch wood, we’ve avoided the former thus far. The latter, however, remains a very real possibility so long as we are the ones at the helm. There is no masking curdled mascarpone: once it’s turned, it’s turned. There’s no coming back from it. However, curdled cheesecake can be easily avoided—by quite simply not making it at all.

Instead you can buy it in the various forms, flavours and sizes that present themselves at Borough Market. This week, we chose chocolate: specifically, lemon cheesecake chocolates from Rabot 1745. A white chocolate casing enriched with 36 per cent cocoa solids (“more than any other white chocolate on the market,” says Eva, the general assistant manager) contains a zesty lemon filling that cuts across the creamy sweetness. The buttery biscuit base has been upgraded to shortbread balls, which nestle atop the citrus surface to enhance the cheesecake illusion, lending butteryness and crunch to each bite.

“We always use natural ingredients. There is nothing artificial anywhere in Rabot 1745,” says Eva. Lemon essential oil, full cream, golden syrup and white chocolate meld together to create what is, in essence, a chocolate and lemon cheesecake bite. We recommend enjoying one with an earl grey, to enhance its lemony nature—but an iced latte would work as well, should the weather be destined to be fine.