Friday feeling: mixed berry tart

A squidgy slice of fruit, frangipane and pastry

Would frangipane by any other name taste as sweet? Theoretically, yes, though it’s hard to believe it. It’s not onomatopoeic as such, but with its fudgy syllables and sweet, light-hearted tones the word frangipane and the nutty, jammy almond-butter combination it describes are an extraordinarily perfect fit.

“Personally, I could eat the crust alone,” smiles Sophia, sliding a generously squidgy slice into a box. “The frangipane is so delicious.” Consisting of sweet pastry filled with the aforementioned frangipane and scattered with deep, lip-staining seasonal berries, Konditor and Cook’s mixed berry tart is “fruity—but the almond comes through as well,” she continues enthusiastically. It’s as tart by nature as it is by name but buttery, too, and sweet with summer berries. “It’s not too rich, nice and fresh, and good on its own,” Sophia continues—“though vanilla cream would also work beautifully.”

It’s a tart for tea time, with something delicate and black from Tea2You or Organic Life. It’s a tart for high English summer. It’s a tart that would, to borrow a phrase from a tale of another great love affair, “retain that dear perfection” were frangipane dubbed Romeo, or something else entirely.