Friday feeling: sticky toffee cake

Date-laced caramel-drenched sponge from Konditor and Cook

Sticky by name and sticky by nature, the relative sweetness of a sticky toffee pudding can prove a sticking point when it comes to assessing it. Some like it drenched in syrup and swimming in custard, while others prefer a little bit more of a savoury edge. They like to convince themselves that this pud, with its date-laced sponge, is a grown-up option. They like something to counterbalance the caramelised sugar notes and celebrate the fruit—something like mascarpone frosting, speckled with dark pods of vanilla and dashed with creamy white chocolate curls.

Mellow vanilla gelato
They want Konditor and Cook’s sticky toffee cake: “A date-infused sponge, soaked in caramel but not overly sweet,” says Michael at the shop. “The cheese balances it out.” Though he recommends a cup of tea or coffee alongside the cake, which comes either by the slice or as a mini, one-person cork, he wouldn’t say no to a little bit of vanilla ice cream. “I do often find sticky toffee pudding a bit sickly,” he continues, “but you can taste the dates in this. It’s a lovely mix.”

Being office-bound, we enjoyed our sticky toffee ‘cork’ cakes over a cuppa—but had we been buying a slice, or (whisper it) a whole cake, we may well have been tempted to go via 3BIS for a tub of their creamy, mellow vanilla gelato.