Gingerbread latte fudge

A grown-up confection of bitter-creamy latte, sugar, spice and a hint of nostalgia

We live in an age of novelty coffees: pumpkin latte, turmeric latte, millionaire’s shortbread latte, even (we’ve heard) maple bacon latte. If it exists and is edible, someone somewhere has caffeinated it. Yet of all the weird, wonderful and occasionally disturbing takes on milk and coffee, the most successful by some margin must be the gingerbread latte. Now, here it is in solid form.

It just makes sense. Gingerbread and coffee. Only someone who has never dunked a gingerbread man into a cup of coffee could fail to appreciate the compatibility of bitter-creamy latte with sugar, spice and childhood nostalgia. “I got the idea when I was trying to come up with wintery flavours that weren’t necessarily just for Christmas—something that would help warm you up with the arrival of colder weather,” says Justine, founder of Whirld, who, as a big fan of the gingerbread latte, took the concept one step further and added fudge to the equation.

“We cook the fudge for a bit longer than usual to bring out a stronger caramelly flavour, then add a generous amount of ground ginger and stir in some strong coffee,” she explains. The result is bitter, warm, spicy and sweet.

Gingerbread for adults
It’s your morning latte (extra shot, whole milk), your mum’s gingerbread and the finest fudge rolled into a crystallised tablet. It’s gingerbread for adults, fudge with a bitter-sweet ending, the confectionary version of Toy Story III. “I think it goes best with a regular coffee rather than an actual gingerbread latte, as I think that might be a bit overwhelming,” advises Justine—just in time to curb our childish impulses, and remind us all that it is possible to have too much of a good thing.