Hot cross bunnies

Sweetly spiced bunny biscuits, handmade by the Cinnamon Tree Bakery

There’s stiff competition, admittedly—but when it comes to the question of which seasonal event inspires the worst puns, our money’s on Easter. Hoppy Easter. Egg-cellent Easter. You crack me up. Walk into a card shop at any point between Shrove Tuesday and Good Friday, and within minutes you’ll be left hot and cross by bad puns.

At Borough Market, however, the puns are more palatable. They’re still bad of course—all good puns are—but at least they come attached to something delicious: a chocolate truffle, a simnel cake, a minty lamb pie. Coming in as a strong contender for the best of all of them, is Cinnamon Tree Bakery’s latest biscuit: dark, chewy, deeply aromatic, fashioned into the shape of a rabbit’s head and entitled, somewhat inevitably, hot cross bunny.

“They are very popular,” says Maximo. “Of course, it’s not the same texture as a hot cross bun—but there’s a resemblance. The spicing is very similar.” If you like ginger, allspice, the heady punch of nutmeg and the sweet warmth of cinnamon, then, he continues, you will like this.

Sweet yellow nose
“They are cute too,” he points out. They’re not happy—they’re hot and cross, remember—but their disconsolate features, with their chocolate button eyes and sweet yellow nose, are somehow endearing. What’s more, you don’t need to harm any actual bunnies to get them.