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Five things you can do to support Borough Market and the victims of last weekend’s attack

Over the past week, the Borough Market community has been flooded with messages of support. One of the consistent themes has been people asking what they can do to help in the wake of last weekend’s atrocity. Here are five ways in which you can show your support.

1—Support the Red Cross UK Solidarity Fund

The British Red Cross UK Solidarity Fund was launched in response to the recent events in both London and Manchester, with the fund raised going to support victims and their families.

Click here for more information on how to support the campaign

2—Donate to the Borough Market trader support fund

Set up by the Borough Market Trust, United St Saviour’s Charity and Better Bankside, the fund will provide financial assistance to members of the community who are dependent on the market. Donald Hyslop, chair of the Trustees of Borough Market, explained: “An atrocity of this magnitude has many hidden victims. Among these are the independent traders and producers who rely upon Borough Market for their livelihood. With the market still closed and with valuable stock lost, some of these traders—although none would be quick to admit it—are struggling. If any of these traders, whose skill and dedication make the market such a wonderful asset, were to find the viability of their work threatened by this act of violence, the result would be to add a sad injustice to a terrible tragedy.”

Click here to donate to the trader support fund

3—Visit markets and online shops

Many of Borough Market’s traders have stalls at other London markets, and some have online shops. If you want to provide support while also securing your usual supply of extraordinary cheese and cake, visit your favourite stalls’ websites and social media feeds to find out how else you might be able to buy from them.

4—Use the #LoveBorough hashtag

At times like these, emotional support matters as much as more material gestures. Keep the love flowing by using the #LoveBorough hashtag. It genuinely helps.

5—Bring the buzz back

After Borough Market has reopened on Wednesday, what it will need more than anything else is people. Borough Market is all about interaction, and in the weeks to come it will be crying out for its signature warmth, familiarity and buzz. Come along, talk to people, enjoy some food and drink, and help us on the long and difficult road back to normality.