Let’s do lunch: duck wrap

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Shredded duck wrap with greens, onion confit, and mustard sauce from Le Marché du Quartier

“Are we hungry?” we wonder as we turn the corner of Borough Market into Le Marché du Quartier. The immediate and tempting smell of sizzling duck and sweet mustard spices, however, renders the question redundant.

Follow your nose and you’ll find a stovetop heaving with duck and fresh greens. We ordered the street food special: a sizeable wrap stuffed with shredded duck, greens, onion confit, and a lively yet sweetly homely honey mustard sauce. “The duck comes from the south-west of France,” Ann explains, “but of course, we use every piece of meat on the duck.”

She points to the other products at the stall: duck gizzard, liver, thigh, breast, neck, foie gras—even duck sausage, which she hints may be the next addition to Le Marché Du Quartier’s street food offering. It seems a sign of both respect and artistry to see all of the duck used in such widespread, mouth-watering ways, rich with the culinary traditions of southern France.

Garlic and parsley
The ducks are free-range and fed a diet of corn and cereal. The meat used in the stall’s famous sandwiches and wraps is salted for two days, then cooked in its own fat for up to nine hours. Once shredded, it is sent directly from south-west France to Le Marché du Quartier, where it is crisped in garlic and parsley.

Its careful preparation is confirmed with each bite: it is tender, juicy and rich with flavour. It’s fatty, but not greasy. The green salad—fresh from Ted’s Veg—and honey mustard sauce cut through the richness of the meat perfectly.

It’s easy to see why Le Marché du Quartier is one of Borough Market’s longest standing and most popular stalls. As we leave, the queue gets bigger. Clearly others have taken to Le Marché du Quartier’s delectable treats—you might say, like ducks to water.