Mango lassi

A refreshing and delicious traditional Indian drink from Gujurati Rasoi

It would not be an exaggeration to say that we at Friday feeling love mangoes. The word ‘passion’ is overused—unless it’s in reference to the passion fruit, which is not used enough—but when your team comprises a man who used to pick mangoes as a child, a woman who has been known to demolish a family-sized mango cheesecake, and a fiend who thinks nothing of sucking the mango stone and the rind clear of yellow flesh, it’s difficult to think of a better one. Passionate is what we are, and passion is what we felt at the prospect of a mango lassi from Gujarati Rasoi.

“We use kesar mangoes—a particular type of mango from India—as well as cardamom, sour yoghurt and full fat milk,” says Urvesh, the company’s founder. It’s the sour yoghurt that makes for a smooth, cool sensation; any sweeter and it would be a mango milkshake, a nice but separate entity.  “We experimented a lot with different yoghurts and found this one, which has less fat content—it’s the best,” Urvesh continues.

Stand down your fears that this is a health kick—this decision was flavour motivated only. “It has a tartness to it that complements the slight sharpness of the mango. It is an Indian product.” Besides, what’s lost in creaminess there is more than made up for by the milk.

Kick of cardamom
The kick of cardamom pods—heady, just shy of honeyed—lends complexity to the marriage of sweet, deep yellow pulp and cooling dairy. The puree melds flawlessly with the milk and spice, creating a soft, smooth meadow colour, halfway between citrus and clotted cream. It’s refreshing, yet rewarding: sweet enough to feel like a treat, yet sour enough to justify another helping. Or in the case of a certain Friday feeling member, another three.