Maple fudge

Classic fudge with a Canadian twist from Whirld

A moment’s pause, please, to give thanks to whatever spirit or muse inspired John of Whirld to attempt a fudge flavoured with maple syrup and bacon; not, we should add, because his attempts were successful, but because they weren’t. By virtue of experimentation, he discovered this week’s Friday feeling: a treat whose deep, harmonious flavour is testimony not just to John’s creativity in the kitchen, but to the Commonwealth itself: maple syrup fudge.

He’s still trying with the bacon. “We’re experimenting with smoke at the moment, to get that smoky bacon flavour. We don’t want to use bacon because it rules vegetarians out,” he explains. For now, though, maple syrup fudge is proving a more than satisfying stand by.

Made with high grade maple syrup from Canada (where else) swirled into Whirld’s signature fudge recipe, its sweetness is somehow richer, deeper, more resonant than that of its syrup-free counterpart. Like the whorls and fine, scented grains of a wind-felled maple tree, this fudge has texture, spirit, warmth.

International following
It has an international following. “I can say maple syrup in several different languages now,” John grins “German, French, Spanish”—but it’s most ardent admirers are Canadian. “They love it, as do Americans.” It’s not hard to see why. Maple syrup fudge may have many names, but the language of taste is pretty universal: and this syrupy melding of British confectionary and Canadian condiment is as good as it gets.