Market Life: the producers

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Our new digital collection of Market Life articles takes a deep dive into the world of the food producers

Everything at Borough Market begins with the producers: with the farmers, the fishermen, the hunters, the bakers, the fermenters, the cheesemakers. In this special digital edition, we have collated some of the most insightful articles published over the past few years in the Market’s award-winning Market Life magazine, all of which relate to British food producers and the issues that currently confront them. 

In it, you will find accounts of our visits to the farms and fisheries behind Northfield Farm, Bath Soft Cheese and Shellseekers Fish & Game, and discover how the approaches they take provide a clear alternative to the mainstream. You will also hear from a large cast of experts, including Sheila Dillon, Dan Barber and Gill Mellor, about the state of food production in the UK.