Pillowy soft vanilla marshmallows from Whirld

Posh crisps we could get on board with. Posh chocolate bars seemed long overdue. But if there was one thing we could never quite understand the poshing-up of, it was marshmallows. “Leave the likes of lamingtons to the New Zealanders” we muttered churlishly, when the huge, plush, all natural, raspberry studded and dark chocolate dipped cushions started appearing in the more salubrious supermarkets. “We’ll stick to pick-and-mix’s gloriously sticky, suspiciously multicoloured mush.”

“And we’ll enjoy it,” we continued, as we scoffed and turned a shade of, well, cheap-marshmallow green. Then we passed Whirld—on a quest for fudge at first—and saw their freshly laid pile of down-soft, sweet vanilla-scented pillows. Are they marshmallows, we questioned? They don’t look like fudge. They don’t even look like marshmallow flavoured fudge.

So, baffled, we asked the question: and found to our unabashed delight these were indeed marshmallows, “made by hand from natural ingredients in Somerset, like everything else we do.”

John packs us a bagful which, were the contents not so tempting, we could have happily rested our heads on, so squishy was it to touch. “They’re new to the stall. We’ve found they go really well with the rocky road, so recommend buying them together.”

A fudge alternative
The plan next is to incorporate them into the rocky road itself, presumably to soften the ride. But for the time being, he’s just glad of a fudge alternative. “We do eat a lot of fudge here at Whirld.”

Besides, they are delicious; their light breezy texture reminiscent of passing clouds. We inhale them accordingly. The warm vanilla flavour —natural, of course—lingers gently behind.  They’re not extravagant, either to look at, or to buy.

They’re served in a brown paper bag, in fact; no fancy packaging. Are they posh treats? Or is a fluffy, plain, handmade marshmallow just one of the simplest pleasures around? With a puffy face-full, we’d say so.