Orange and pecan shortbread

A top-notch treat from Cinnamon Tree Bakery: chunky, buttery, and perfect with a cuppa

How do you disguise a biscuit? That’s the first question that came to our mind when Massimo assures us we’ve seen the orange and pecan shortbread on The Cinnamon Tree Bakery’s stall before. “You just don’t recognise it.” We look again at the chunky, nut-spangled biscuit, the colour of light toast and soft pine, except for the dark, jammy stain where it’s been drizzled with caramelised orange zest.

He’s right: we don’t recognise it. It looks like the sort of wholesome, luxurious indulgence Nigella would bake, to accompany a conspiratorial cuppa. It looks like something we’d definitely have remembered. “It’s had a makeover,” Massimo reveals with a flourish. “In the past, the shortbread had the nuts around the edge of the biscuit. It looked a bit like a pineapple slice, some people told us! Now the nuts and orange are on the top of the biscuit”—and the nutty pieces are larger too, offering a more interesting texture and more intensely pecan-y taste.

Milk, tannins and sugar
“It is very popular with British people looking for something to have with tea,” Massimo notes. “That is my observation.” It’s not a dunking biscuit, though—far from it. The nuts would float on the tea and the shortcake would break up immediately. But it makes a nice counterpoint to the combination of milk, tannins and sugar. We may have seen orange and pecan shortbread on Cinnamon Tree’s stall before. You may have seen orange and pecan shortbread on Cinnamon Tree’s stall. But the truth is you ain’t tasted any orange and pecan shortbread until you’ve tasted this one.