Peach and raspberry crumble

Tart, sweet, crumbly cake from master bakers Konditor and Cook

“We do actually sell ice cream if you want ice cream?” says Michael—and at first, we think it’s a daft question. It’s a peach and raspberry crumble cake, baked fresh that morning, the crust still slightly warm and the peaches wobbly. What part of that doesn’t scream ice cream? What part of that generous crumb, scattered like blessings over the creamy fudge of tart raspberries, sweet, rotund peaches and pastry, says ‘no, don’t bother with a scoop of vanilla’ to a man on a hot summer’s day?

It’s almost a criminal act to say no to ice cream at any point, let alone when there’s crumble involved. But Michael’s spent years working in bakeries. He knows his wheat from his chaff and his bakewell from his brownies—and he knows the best way to have this crumble cake: “To be honest I just have it on its own. It’s seasonal—we’ve released it for summer—and it’s perfect for hot days: the crumble is light and the fruit cuts through it, so it’s not at all sickly. It’s been very popular,” he adds and, tucking into it straight from the box, the reason is not hard to see.

It’s delicious; every bit as delicious as every other Konditor and Cook cake, but with the added beauty of scarlet glimpses of raspberry and mellow, sunny crescents of peach. The pastry is just salty and dense enough to add a crunching contrast to the juices; the crumble is fairy-light, yet buttery. And you know what? If you want ice cream with it, you can jolly well have it. It’s summer, and it’s Friday.