Pecan tartlets

Rich shortcrust pastry filled with sticky treacle and pecans from the Flour Station

“They’re like a treacle tart, but concentrated in a tartlet square,” says Alice, in an appraisal that is as succinct as it is seductive. To be honest, we could stop there—but for the sake of exposition, another cuppa and that Friday feeling, we’ll go further and say that Flour Station’s pecan tartlet is a synthesis of everything you could ever want or need from a treat.  

There is pastry: rich, shortcrust and buttery as a Scottish accent. In fact, airing as it does at 10am on a Friday, it’s basically Desert Island Discs in cake form.

There are pecan nuts—the best nuts, to our mind, being more sweet-bitter than bitter-sweet. There’s still sugar, of course, but it’s meaningful sugar—treacly and glazed, adding finger-licking stickiness to a cake that might otherwise, at first glance, be mistaken for something healthy. Not that we’re denying the rights of sweet treats to exist as part of a balanced diet, of course—or the valuable nutritional properties of pecans.

Down sugar street
Still, though. If you’re going to go down sugar street, you may as well go deep, dense and squidgy, or go home. “I’ve not much of a sweet tooth myself, to be honest,” Alice smiles, “but I do quite enjoy the tartlet”—as do most of her customers.

We hate to stress you out on a Friday morning, but if you don’t get there sharpish you’ll miss them; and unlike Kirsty Young’s dulcet tones, these delights won’t be available on BBC iPlayer come Friday afternoon.