Product of the week: pistachio and rose nut butter

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A velvety smooth, Middle Eastern-inspired nut butter—the perfect partner for pancakes

Banish any thoughts you might have of the powerfully perfumed violet and rose sweets proffered by your grandmother and replace it with the scents and flavours of the Middle East—for that, rather than the nose wrinkle-inducing taste of the former, is what Butter Nut’s pistachio and rose butter is reminiscent of. “I was very keen to avoid that overpowering soap taste,” says founder Zoe. “It’s velvety smooth and gorgeously balanced. You’ve got this very subtle hint of rose, which complements the creaminess of the pistachio. They work so beautifully together.”

Anyone who’s cooked with rose water knows it’s a tricky flavour to get right—a dash too much and whole dishes can be ruined. How does she make sure she gets it bang on? “It’s a top secret recipe,” she laughs. “There’s a little bit of alchemy—a step in the process which creates a special flavour without having to use any additives or preservatives. We keep it all natural. It stops it being overpowering, too. It’s a little bit of magic.”

A rarefied treat
What’s more, all the ingredients—“pistachios, cashews, coconut sugar and rose water”—of this rarefied treat are organic. “One of the reasons you don’t come across pistachio butter as much as, say, peanut butter in the UK is all pistachios are imported and they’re very expensive nuts,” Zoe continues. “But our customers know that we are, first and foremost, all about quality ingredients. If someone wants a jar of generic peanut butter, they’ll go to the supermarket. If they want something really special, they’ll come to us.”

With Shrove Tuesday just around the corner, the obvious thing to do would be to simply dollop it generously on your usual stack—but the possibilities aren’t limited to pancakes. “Definitely have it with pancakes, it’s amazing, but I love it in my porridge and—though it’s a little bit decadent—in a croissant. You’ve just got to enjoy it,” she grins. “You could use it as a filling for cakes, or in a salad dressing when you want it to be slightly sweet—it does have a little bit of coconut sugar in it. You could add it to a curry—anything you’d use pistachios or rose water in, really. I love to experiment, but I do eat my nut butters mainly for breakfast. I’m a traditionalist!”

The pistachio and rose nut butter, and many others from Zoe’s range, can be bought at Borough Market Online, for delivery within 2.5 miles of Borough or click and collect from the Market hub.