Pumpkin cheesecake

A spiced, seasonal treat from Konditor and Cook

“I used to make them, years ago,” Ana recalls, as she picks up a bite-sized morsel of pumpkin cheesecake. “I was so happy when they decided to make them here.” Five bite-sized bites later, we’re wondering if we, too, can make these at home.

It’s not an obvious combination. Pumpkin pie is a precursor, but even that is so American it’s hard to consider it without a midwestern drawl and a star-spangled banner. But this cheesecake—also available in full family-sized glory—is not American. Handmade with mostly organic and British ingredients, it was born, bred and baked in Konditor and Cook’s bakery in Waterloo.

Not content with the ripe, rich warmth of the pumpkin puree alone, Konditor and Cook’s founder and creative brain Gerhard Jenne has introduced to it a holy trinity of cream cheese, double cream and mascarpone. “There’s sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, mixed spice,” lists Ana and that’s before you get to the pastry—which is buttery and as crisp as an autumnal leaf on the road.

Heady suggestions
Pillowy vanilla frosting adds a fragrant aroma to the already heady suggestions of crushed squash and spices. Together, they have a synergy that can seem surprising, given the savoury nature of cheese and pumpkin, but which elevates this dish into a league of its own.