Quail scotch egg

A deliciously diminutive scotch egg from The Ginger Pig

“Quail eggs are a real luxury with a delicate, creamy taste,” Amelia at The Ginger Pig points out, when we ask about the stall’s quail scotch egg—the latest addition to its already famous scotch egg clan. “Together with the sausage meat, they make delicious little balls of protein”—by which, we should point out, Amelia does not mean the type of ‘protein balls’ sold by certain ‘health’ food shops, whose dull, dry, brown squidge is to a Ginger Pig scotch egg what a treadmill is to a beautiful hike in the Peak District.

She means a small, smooth ovoid of egg white and light buttery yolk encased in a rich jacket of free range sausage meat from The Ginger Pig’s Yorkshire farm, rolled in crisp, deep fried breadcrumbs. She means a treat: one that lends itself as much to a canape at a party as it does to a swift Friday Feeling pre-lunch booster. “They’re a tasty, smaller version of our original scotch egg,” she explains, “ideal with chutneys and pickles.” The stall also sells a glittering array of condiments handmade by a lady called Rachel in a village near The Ginger Pig’s farm and, had we not been so greedy as to down ours in one, we’d have picked up a piccalilli for a perfect pairing of sharp, spicy sauce, crunchy vegetable, sweet creamy egg and melting sausage meat.

In fact, we might just have to make a return trip.