Salted caramel sourdough chocolate

A thin caramel dark chocolate bar with a cracker crunch, made on site at Rabot 1745

At what age does devouring a slab of white bread slathered thickly with chocolate spread start to look a little bit—well, just a little bit juvenile? Some put it at mid-twenties; more spartan types will probably plump for 16, while the free-spirited among us can be found spoon-deep in a jar of chocolate spread from cradle right through to grave. 

Wherever you sit with regards its propriety, the innate deliciousness of bread and chocolate spread is, for most people, beyond dispute. So how to reconcile it? Short of secretive snaffling, how does an adult get that sweet and doughy hit, without risking a chocolate moustache and attendant slights to your reputation? A pain au chocolat goes some way toward respectably plugging the gap, of course—but the most failsafe solution we’ve found comes in the form of the thin salted caramel sourdough chocolate bar at Rabot 1745.  

“I buy these sourdough crackers, crush them up and then blend them with St Lucian dark chocolate and caramel. It is very moreish,” smiles Louise, Rabot 1745’s resident chocolatier. The crackers add “a sort of salty crunch” to the caramel swirled chocolate, made on site with beans from Rabot’s own estate in St Lucia. “It’s 45 per cent cocoa, but I think the salted caramel adds something a little bit more.”

Inner child
She takes a small, expert bite. We follow suit. It only takes a nibble to appreciate how the potent darkness of St Lucian cocoa meets its match in the elegant caramel, tingling notes of salt and the crunchy tang of the sourdough crackers. This is posh chocolate as posh chocolate should be: grown up, but resonant with an inimitable sense of inner child.