Spinach and feta quiche

A decidedly un-German, light yet buttery pastry from Artisan Foods

“It isn’t exactly... German, is it,” we thought, as we surveyed the spinach and feta quiche from Artisan Foods‘ stall. Tempting, yes: indulgent, certainly—but German it is definitely not. Snuggled between soft pretzels and plump berliners, this rich amalgam of feta, pastry and dark green leaves is the exception that proves the rule of the stall’s heritage as defined by its German founder Klaus Kuhnke.

Feta is a Greek cheese; spinach allegedly Persian in origin, though perhaps best known for its role in Italian cuisine. Quiche is one of the most quintessentially French foods out there. But if growing up in a country is a pre-requisite for cooking its food, most chefs would be out of a job right now—and besides, everyone knows the pastry is the best part of a quiche.

This puts Klaus, a master baker, into a league of his own. Pastry is his palette, its ingredients his brush and paint. “Organic white flour, free range egg, creamy, natural butter—the key is quality ingredients,” explains Iris, an employee at Artisan Foods. “We added the quiche to our range of products available on the Market to offer our customers an option for a light lunch.”

Persuasively wholesome
“Light” is one way of describing it: rich with spinach, light on cream, it’s persuasively wholesome while at the same time retaining that buttery rush you get when you’re seduced by prime short crust pastry.

Only a German, living in London, could get the balance of French, Greek and Italian so exactly spot on.