Strawberries and cream fudge

The essence of Wimbledon in fudge form

The sun is blazing, the strawberries are bursting with sweetness, and every second person you speak to has taken up tennis lessons. It is, of course, Wimbledon season—and what better way to mark it than by consuming strawberries and cream in every conceivable form?

Leading the way is Whirld, the fudge traders who when the latest Star Wars film came out, dubbed their liquorice fudge Darth Vader and sent many to the dark side. They actually came up with the idea of strawberries and cream fudge for Wimbledon last year but, like Milos Raonic, were not fast enough serving it up to beat Andy Murray to his glorious win.

They put the idea on the back burner, focused on harnessing the Force and, when the time came, had everything in place: freeze-dried strawberries, and the clotted cream which has already been playing the crowds in the form of their classic clotted cream fudge. “The freeze-dried strawberries are blended into the basic fudge mixture,” says Alex, “butter, sugar and of course, clotted cream.”

Self-consciously British
“It’s self-consciously British,” says John simply. “We wanted to have something for Wimbledon, and during a brainstorming day thought of this.” Not only are cream and strawberries as emblematic of Wimbledon as a certain champagne, they are infinitely easier to blend with butter and sugar and boil over a low heat.

Don’t let that hold you back though: champagne might not go well inside fudge, but there’s nothing to stop you sipping a bit of fizz alongside it—especially if the Johanna Konta’s winning streak continues. Victory never tasted so sweet.