Tahini flapjacks

A healthy treat for any time of day from the Cinnamon Tree Bakery

“Of all the delicious things we sell here at Cinnamon Tree Bakery, I think the tahini flapjacks are my favourite,” says Maximo. In front of him, smiling gingerbread, chocolate brownies and cinnamon biscuits jostle for our attention upon the stall.

Can tahini, sultanas, oats, and rye—a combination which, while delightful, speaks more of health food than Friday feeling—really compete with their, say, signature owl shortbread?

“The owls are very nice,” Maximo confesses, “but they are basically butter. You can't eat them all the time”—not without consequence, anyway. Tahini flapjacks, however, you can have “for breakfast, with coffee, with tea... ” the list goes on. “They are a healthy treat, so they are more versatile,” he concludes.

Squidgy morsels
Before you balk at the thought of dry flapjack, though, let us assure you: these squidgy morsels contain butter as well as tahini, a sauce made from ground roasted sesame seeds.

Quite aside from its health benefits, tahini sauce is up there with manna for moreishness, its Middle Eastern notes bringing hints of a bustling, sun baked souk and honey-soaked sweet eats to an otherwise humble marriage of fruit and grains.

The effect is transformative. Yes it’s a flapjack, yes it’s healthy, but it brings something magical with it: the elusive, indescribable ingredient that puts the feeling into Friday feeling. Shortbread owls can wait.