Two of a kind: Louise and Molly

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Molly and Louise of Ted’s Veg on healthy eating, live music and keeping calm under pressure

Louise on Molly
I met Molly when she started here at Ted’s Veg about a year and a half ago and she has not really changed much since then: she is the same sweet girl with an upbeat personality. She had worked at other markets before and done some night shifts for our company, but she had not worked on a stall here at Borough Market. It can be a bit intense sometimes when it is very busy, but she seemed at ease from the beginning.

Molly is very friendly and warm with the customers and a good listener, but at the same time she is very efficient both in terms of dealing with the customers and keeping the stall stocked up and looking good. She also likes the relationships you develop with the other traders working at the Market, and the fact that Borough Market is such a vibrant, bustling place.

Molly is vegetarian, so one of the things she definitely likes is working with vegetables and fruits. I know she likes the greens like cavolo nero and she is a fan of avocados and tomatoes so you will often see her at the centre of the stall where they live.

Of course we talk about food when we work and at the moment, Molly is really excited about Sicilian cuisine, having just come back from a holiday there this summer. She really likes to cook and is interested in making some of the traditional Sicilian dishes she saw and ate while there.

As the stall manager she has a varied role: she gets stock from the wholesale cage when things are busy, prepares the orders for the delivery company as well as other management duties, so there is a lot going on. It can be stressful at times but it never seems to get her down.

If I was to choose somewhere to take her for a celebratory meal, I would choose a raw vegan restaurant. There are a few of them around now and the good ones do really interesting and creative things with vegetables and fruit, so I think Molly would enjoy something like that. If we were going to hang out after work it would probably be at the Rake, like so many people at the Market.

The best thing about working with Molly is that she is very good company and brings such a good energy to the stall. It is just so nice to work with her.

Molly and Louise

Molly on Louise
I met Louise when I started working here at the Market and she made me feel very welcome from day one. I think the thing Louise likes most about working here is the interaction with our customers—talking to people about what they are looking for, how their day is going, what they think of the Market, that kind of thing.

Louise is not a vegetarian, but is very interested in healthy eating so fruit and vegetables feature a lot in her diet. Another thing she really enjoys is the environment we work in. All of us that work on the stall are quite a tight little family and get on really well—even when things are a bit crazy, there is always a good vibe among the staff.

Louise really loves tea and is interested in the health benefits they possess. She especially likes loose leaf green teas and knows quite a bit about them, so it’s always interesting to talk to her about it.

If I had to choose a restaurant to take her to it would be a Japanese restaurant. Japanese cuisine is a very healthy style of cooking. It’s uncomplicated and makes use of fresh ingredients, which is something I really like about it and I know Louise would enjoy it too.

Because we tend to work different shifts, we don’t get to spend as much time together off duty as some do on other stalls, but the first choice for somewhere to hang out after work would always be one of the pubs around here. We are both into our music and even though we like different things, we sometimes go to watch live music together.

The best thing about working with Louise is her lovely nature—it makes her a real pleasure to work with. We have different strengths and work well as a team, which is really important: I think I am a bit more organised and Louise is very good at dealing with the customers. She has a lot of patience and sometimes customers can be a bit demanding. She is definitely a bit better at dealing with them than I would be!

I don’t think there is a downside to working with Louise—I’d like to find one for you but I really can’t. She is great to work with.