Welsh lamb

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Lord Newborough of Rhug Estate on their top quality organic lamb and the newly issued Royal Warrant

“In buying meat from our stall at Borough Market, you are supporting Rhug Estate—and in supporting Rhug, you are endorsing and supporting the highest standards of animal welfare and organic, sustainable farming practices,” says owner Lord Newborough with pride—and justifiably so, following the farm’s newly issued Royal Warrant from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. “The Royal Warrant is something that can’t be bought, only earnt. It’s wonderful recognition of our hard work and commitment,” he beams. “It’s a dream come true for us.”

While Rhug supplies everything from chickens and turkey to bison to the Royal Household, the star of the show at the stall is undoubtedly its organic (and, later in the season, salt marsh) lamb. Granted Protected Geographical Indication status, Rhug organic lambs “are born, bred and reared at Lord Newborough’s main farm in Corwen, north Wales,” explains Sarah at the farm. “Both our lowland and highland flocks are north country mules”—swaledales and blue face leicesters crossed with texel—“a hardy breed, suitable for farming under organic conditions,” adds Lord Newborough.

Rising from 500 to 1,500 feet, “the farm is ideally situated to grow lush grass,” continues Sarah. The lambs are brought up in a stress-free environment, with no routine use of antibiotics or other medication, and are free to roam on the farm’s rich pasture sown with a plethora of herbs and grasses, including chicory, cocksfoot, timothy and red and white clover—resulting in a healthy, varied diet for the sheep, and deliciously full-flavoured meat for us.

Minimal impact, maximum flavour
“When they’re not outside, the sheep are fed on our own feed, grown on the farm, and they are slaughtered locally at a privately-run abattoir on the edge of the estate,” says Sarah. “Not only is it better for the animal, but means it’s produced with near zero food miles.” Minimal stress for the sheep, minimal impact on the environment, maximum flavour for the customer is the order of the day at Rhug—“sustainable farming at its very best, ensuring a better, healthier world for future generations.”

If it’s good enough for the Royal Household, it’s good enough for us.