Gurnard with wild garlic mayo, Sun Ra tomatoes & asparagus

by Luke Mackay

A dish inspired by the products of De Calabria

This dish was inspired by the day I spend with Giuseppe of De Calabria. I found it exceptionally difficult to come up with a ‘recipe’ for any of his products. I just couldn’t do it. They just need to be placed on a plate or chopping board and eaten. They are too pure, too GOOD to be messed with. What I would say is that the tomatoes go beautifully with fish and I have eaten a lot of both recently. 


1 egg yolk
1 tsp English mustard
100ml Calabrian olive oil
100ml vegetable, rape or groundnut oil
1 bunch of wild garlic
2 gurnard fillets from a 1kg fish
1 bunch of asparagus
200g fresh podded peas (or frozen if you don’t have fresh)
1 tbsp Sun Ra tomatoes


Make your mayonnaise by whisking together the egg yolk and the mustard. Add the oils in a slow trickle, whisking all the time until emulsified and thick. Blanch the wild garlic in boiling water for 10 seconds, drain and plunge into iced water. Drain again and blitz in a food processor with a little olive oil. Mix into the mayonnaise and season to taste.

Cook the gurnard in a hot non-stick pan, skin-side down, for 3-4 mins until the skin is crisp. Flip the fillets over for 1 min and remove from the pan. Cook the asparagus and the peas in boiling salted water for 2 mins.

Put 1 tbsp mayo on a warm plate, add the gurnard fillet and serve with the peas, asparagus and if you’re lucky any flowers from the wild garlic. Now drizzle over the Sun Ra tomatoes, with as much of their delicious oil as you like. You could add some plain boiled Jersey royals if you liked.

Recipe & image: Luke Mackay