Homemade yoghurt

by Tom Hunt

One of three dairy-based dishes made for less than £10

I can’t believe I’ve spent my whole life not making yoghurt! Now I’ve tried it once I’m going to make a batch every week. It is the easiest, most rewarding and fun thing to make and so very delicious. The trick is to keep the yoghurt warm while it ferments. You could set the yoghurt in a thermos flask or in a jar wrapped in tea towels. This recipe was compiled as part of my mission to create three dishes based on high quality dairy products, all for less than £10, together with a San Simon tortilla and a dish of roasted asparagus and turnipsread about it here.


1 pint of milk (preferably unpasteurised and unhomogenised)
2 tbsp live yoghurt or yoghurt starter (saved from an old batch of yoghurt)


Boil the milk gently for 10 mins.

Allow to cool until it is about 45-50C—the temperature of a hot bath.

Whisk in the live yoghurt or starter.

Pour into a container.

Keep warm and leave to ferment for 7 hours. Refrigerate and eat within three to four weeks. 

Recipe: Tom Hunt