Kelp cured monkfish, preserved lemons, seaweed

by Luke Hawkins

An adventurous way to make the most of monkfish


250g line caught monkfish tail
350g fresh kelp
60g coarse sea salt
5 preserved lemons
20g butter


Skin and debone monkfish, then trim off the sinew—ask your fishmonger to do this if you’d prefer. Dehydrate 200g of the kelp—you can do this in a fan oven over night at 60C until dry, or in a dehydrator at 60C for about 4 hours, or until dry and crispy.

When the kelp is dry, blend it with 50g of the sea salt, roll your monkfish tails in it and leave it to cure for 3 hours. Next, blend the preserved lemons whole, including the syrup, then pass through a fine sieve.

Once the monkfish is cured (to test this slice a small amount off—the fish should have started to firm up and turn opaque) wash the kelp salt off thoroughly in cold water.

Slice the monkfish, blanch 150g of fresh kelp in boiling water, then finish in melted butter and season to taste. Plate with a healthy spoonful of preserved lemon puree, fresh kelp and a few slices of monkfish.