Miso beef tacos with yuzu & jalapeño

by Ryan Stafford

Festive flavour bombs

Festive flavour bombs or canapé “taste explosions”, as I also like to call them, are something people see as posh nosh these days. But these little beauties shouldn’t be reserved for just a select few—after all, canapés were designed for sharing among diners and partygoers. Canapés can be viewed as many things from teasers ahead of a dinner party, to elegant nibbles before a big night out, or even just as a way of keeping everybody’s savoury palate entertained while waiting for the main event.

With this recipe, I’ve tried to show how laid back you can be on presentation when you know the flavour can do all the talking. Always bear in mind that if it’s in season, it’s always going to taste better, so that’s a good place to start when developing your own bad boy flavours.


3-4 wholemeal tortillas, or your favourite type
150g English fillet of beef, finely diced as you would for beef tartare. I recommend the freshest beef from a trusted butcher, as at Borough, because the beef will only be partially cured
1 tbsp white miso paste
1 tbsp of coriander stalks, finely chopped and some leaves picked for filling the base of the tacos
½ tsp soy sauce
30ml yuzu lime juice, alternatively you could use grapefruit or mandarin juice
1 jalapeno, sliced
3-4 kiwis for presentation


Preheat the oven to 170C.

Take the tortillas and stamp out small discs using a 5-6cm pastry cutter.

Carefully fold the discs and place them between the bars of your grill rack to form mini tacos. Sit the rack on a tray and bake for 6-8 mins until the tacos are firm, being careful not to colour them.

Allow to cool to room temperature.

Place the raw diced beef, miso paste, coriander stalks, soy sauce and yuzu in a small mixing bowl and fold together gently until well combined. Taste and correct the acidity with more yuzu and the seasoning, and add more soy if necessary.

Keeping the tacos in the grill tray as a support while you fill them, start by placing 1-2 coriander leaves in the base of the tacos for flavour and moisture protection.

Fill the tacos with the beef mixture and top with a slice of jalapeño and serve balanced on kiwi wedges on serving trays scattered with some of the ingredients.


Recipe: Ryan Stafford