Moroccan spiced fillets, rainbow leaves & lemon dressing

by Katherine Frelon

A quick and easy weekday supper

This recipe came out of the Love Your Local Market Market Basket Challenge. Flash frying is such a great way to experience fabulously fresh meats and fish. Try this quick and easy dish for a weekday supper.


Seasonal colourful lettuces (escarole, batavia, castel franco, curly endive, butterhead), washed and spun
A handful of fragrant herbs
100-200g seared fillets per person (duck breasts, rose veal escalope, free range chicken breast, ostrich escalope, kangaroo), depending on whether it’s a starter or main
1 tsp Moroccan spice mix
40ml balsamic vinegar
Mandarin or other citrus olive oil

For the dressing:
300g Greek yoghurt
⅔ tsp honey mustard 
1 lemon, zest and juice
4 tbsp olive oil, fragrant oils are also a wonderful addition to the dressing, just be sure to complement the vinegar
1 tbsp fruity vinegar, such as raspberry or blackberry


In a large bowl mix the leaves, herbs and dressing ingredients together, taste and adjust the seasoning.

To prepare the duck breasts, heat your saute pan without oil, score the duck skin and rub with the Moroccan spice mix.

Cook the meat skin side down in the pan for 5 mins—yes, it will smoke—don’t worry! Then turn the heat down and turn the breasts over. Cook for a further 2 mins, take off the heat and rest wrapped in foil for 5 mins.

For all other skinless meats, cook them in a splash of olive oil and a small noisette of butter and saute on both sides until cooked to your preferred doneness, then rest as above.

While the meat rests, return the sauté pan to the hob and deglaze it with the balsamic vinegar and season.

To serve, slice the meats thickly onto a serving plate, spoon around the balsamic glaze and finish with a woosh of mandarin oil. Add the delicious rainbow leaves with lemon scented dressing, et voila—supper!

Recipe: Katherine Frelon