Nut butter

by Beca Lyne-Pirkis

A quick and simple recipe for a delicious breakfast spread

A simple and quick recipe for making your own nut butter at home. Use any combination of nuts you like, or simply stick to one. You can also incorporate some seeds, if you want. 



450g nuts
Pinch of salt


Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper, spread your nuts evenly on the tray and roast in the oven for 10-12 mins until golden brown. I use a combination of cashew nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and pecans.

After the nuts have roasted, pop them into a food processor with a pinch of salt and blitz for 30 secs-1 min. The nuts should be ground. Turn the machine on again and leave the nuts to continue being processed for another 1-2 mins. The nuts will start to release their oils now and the consistency will begin to change from a dry powder, to slightly wetter.

Continue blitzing, scraping down the sides every so often until you have a smooth nut butter—depending on your machine, this shouldn’t take too long: around 5-7 mins.

Store your nut butter in a clean sterile jar in the fridge.

Recipe and images: Beca Lyne-Pirkis