Preserved Christmas apricots

by Katherine Frelon

Perfect spooned over ice cream or porridge, or sealed in a jar and given as a gift

This recipe could be made during the apricot season, but if planning that far ahead is just too organised for you then try this recipe with good quality canned apricot halves. They are really useful for spooning over ice cream, serving on buttered warm brioche or over hot steaming porridge. They make really pretty gifts too!


1kg apricots in syrup
50ml brandy
3 cinnamon sticks
½ vanilla pod, slit in half with seeds scraped out
5 cloves
5cm piece of fresh root ginger, peeled, sliced and cut into matchsticks
1 pinch of dried red chilli flakes
1 pinch of flaked sea salt 


Place the apricots and their syrup in a pan with all the other ingredients, bring to a gentile simmer for 5 mins.

Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly, then decant the fruit and syrup into sterilised jars and seal. Label and give as gifts.

If using fresh apricots, blanch them first in a pan of simmering sugar syrup for a few minutes, then drain, remove the skins and cut the fruit in half, stone and then continue as above.

Recipe: Katherine Frelon