Sausage rolls

by Hayden Groves

Festive snacks with turkey and cranberries


For the sausages:
90g (3 rashers) of streaky dry cured bacon, or thick cut pancetta
450g turkey thigh, double minced through a 6mm grinder
450g good quality Cumberland sausage meat
3 heaped tsp dried cranberries, finely chopped
3tsp grain mustard
3tsp chopped parsley
2tsp chopped sage
Pinch sea salt and twist of pepper
2 tsp cold water
2 strikes of orange zest from a micro plane or fine grater

For the pastry:
Good quality butter puff pastry rolled into a rectangle of 3mm thickness
Egg wash (2 egg yolks, ½ tsp water, pinch of salt)


Grill the bacon until very crispy, chill and finely chop. Mix the sausage ingredients together until they are well combined. Divide in 2 and roll into cylinders, using clingfilm to help make 12 neat, uniform long sausages.

On a floured work surface, roll the pastry out into a big rectangle, about 3mm thick, and cut it lengthways into 2 long, even rectangles. Lay the long sausages carefully on to the puff pastry rectangles, fold the long side of the pastry over, wrapping the filling inside and where the pastry joins, brush with egg wash.

Seal well and crimp the edges, cut to neaten them up if necessary. Rest for 20 mins in the fridge. Brush the sausage rolls generously with the egg wash and mark gently with a knife to decorate.

Bake for 12 mins at 200C and then reduce the oven to 170C for 5 mins. Once they are crisp and golden, allow the sausage rolls to cool on a rack for 15 mins, then trim the ends and cut each sausage roll into 6 even portions.

Excellent warm on their own, or why not enjoy a couple with a glass of something delicious while you decorate the Christmas tree.

ALTERNATIVE: You can add 100g chopped chestnuts to the mix, or push in some nuggets of a good firm blue cheese before enrobing the sausage meat with the puff pastry.

Recipe: Hayden Groves