Spanish tortilla with San Simon

by Tom Hunt

One of three dairy-based dishes made for less than £10

Part of my mission to create three dishes based on high quality dairy products, all for less than £10—read about it here. A simple dish, yet so delicious when made with care. Everyone has their own way of making tortilla. This version was taught to me by my good friend Marianna—an outrageously good chef. I like it best when it’s a little soft in the middle, giving it the most delicious creamy texture. It works very well when served up with roasted asparagus and turnips and homemade yoghurt.


2 large potatoes (500g), finely sliced
1 large onion, finely sliced
4 eggs, lightly beaten
100g San Simon cheese, grated


Slowly sauté the onions for about 20 mins until soft and slightly brown. In another pan, in plenty of light olive oil, gently fry the sliced potatoes until soft.

Drain the potatoes and onions in a sieve and allow to cool. Next add the eggs and cheese and mix. Taste a little—scary I know, but worth it—and adjust the seasoning.

Heat a small, deep frying pan with a good splash of light olive oil.

When the oil only just begins to smoke, pour the egg mixture into the pan. Be careful, it may spit.

As the mixture enters the pan, swivel it from side to side using the handle so the egg doesn’t stick. You should see the egg moving independently from the pan itself.

Turn the heat right down. Cook for 4-5 mins. Place your finger in the middle and feel where the egg is cooked to. When it is cooked halfway through, it is ready to turn.

So this is the fun bit: place a plate on top of the tortilla then, using a tea towel and standing over the sink in case of any spills, flip the tortilla onto the plate.

Return the pan to the heat. Scrape off any bits that may have stuck and add a little more oil. When hot, slide the tortilla back into the pan, raw side down. Shake from side to side again to make sure it’s not stuck. Turn the heat down.

Using a wooden spoon, tuck the rough edges underneath to make them rounded. Cook for a further 5 mins, remove from the heat and allow to cool slowly. Turn onto a plate to serve.

Recipe: Tom Hunt