Strawberry & mango iced tea

by Jenny Chandler

British strawberries meet American ice tea in a nod to the royal wedding

Iced tea is an American classic—and what could be better than using some seasonal alphonso mangoes and the first English strawberries to flavour the brew? Later in the season you can use the same technique for the more traditional peach iced tea.


500g strawberries, hulled and sliced
2 alphonso mangoes, peeled and diced (stones reserved)
100g sugar
5 tbsp (10g) green tea leaves


Place about half the strawberries and half the mango in a saucepan. Any stringy bits of mango or softer dice are best added to the pan. Throw in the stones, along with the sugar and 100ml water.

Heat the pan up to boiling point, switch off and then leave to macerate for at least 30 mins. Later, muddle everything together to break up the fruit a little and strain off the syrup through a sieve. Discard the stones and keep all that fruity mush to stir into some natural yoghurt or add to a smoothie.

Meanwhile, make the green tea by adding the leaves to a large teapot or jug, boiling your water and then leaving it to cool for 1-2 mins (80C is a good temperature if you happen to be measuring). Steep the tea for about 3-5 mins—timings will depend on the tea, so do take advice from the supplier.

Strain the tea, add the syrup and allow to cool. Once cold you can add the remaining fruit and leave to chill for a few hours if you have them, or serve right away with plenty of ice.

Recipe: Jenny Chandler