Summer fruit & rose water lollies

by Jenny Chandler

A perfect way to use up odd bits of fruit. Any leftover mixture can obviously be sloshed back as a smoothie. Ice lolly moulds are easy to come by and offer limitless possibilities with flavours. You’re in control too—no need for colouring, artificial flavours or too much sugar.


1 large slice of watermelon
150g raspberries
3 nectarines
Rose water and honey to taste


Skin and deseed the watermelon and then liquidise with the raspberries. Taste the juice—it should be rather sweet as your tastebuds will be partially numbed by the cold, so you may want a tablespoon of honey. Whizz it and check again until you are happy.

Half fill the lolly moulds and place in the freezer.

Meanwhile, stone the nectarines but keep the skin on. Liquidise and add honey and rosewater to taste.

Once the lollies have frozen, add the nectarine purée and place back in the freezer for at least 5 hours or until ready to eat.

ALTERNATIVE: For a somewhat more adult take, orange juice sweetened with a little dash of sugar and a slosh of campari makes for fantastically tasty and only gently boozy lolly.

Recipe: Jenny Chandler
Images: John Holdship