Venison, sorrel jelly jus & single clove garlic

by Luke Mackay

A rich and meaty dish with a Caribbean sunshine-infused sauce

This recipe was inspired by the day I spent with Dawn at Pimento Hill and Jock at Jock Stark & Son. Sorrel jelly is similar to cranberry jelly but with added Caribbean sunshine, so it makes perfect sense to sweeten and flavour a venison sauce with it. Jock Stark’s garlic is sweet and delicious—and you only have to peel one clove!


6 single clove garlic bulbs
500ml good venison or beef stock
2 tbsp sorrel jelly
1 knob of dripping or bacon fat
500g venison loin, trimmed
100g cold butter
Sorrel, to garnish


Wrap the single clove garlic bulbs in tin foil and bake in the oven at 180C for 45 mins.

Reduce the stock by two thirds over a medium heat and add the sorrel jelly. Stir until the jelly has melted into the stock. Simmer while you cook the venison.

Get a heavy pan very hot and add the dripping or bacon fat. Cook the loin for 2 mins each side and add a knob of butter for the last min. Remove the loin from the pan and set aside to rest.

Deglaze the pan with your sauce and remove from the heat. Whisk in the remaining butter. Slice the venison and divide between 2 warm plates, pour over the sauce and garnish with the roasted garlic and sorrel leaves. Serve with new potatoes and greens.

Recipe: Luke Mackay