Cobnut & nasturtium leaf pesto

by Laura Hutton

A simple use for two of September’s defining seasonal ingredients

This recipe was inspired by my article about the joys of cobnuts. Late August and September is the time for both cobnuts and nasturtium leaves, and the alliance works brilliantly. Use as you would any other pesto, for tossing in pasta or accompanying grilled fish or meats. When I made this, there were a few patty pan squash in the veg bin, another seasonal treat, and it turned out to be yet another fortuitous combo.

Simply slice the squash into 1cm slices and cook until just charred on a ridged grill pan (or barbecue) and serve, drizzled with the pesto. I added some oven roasted butternut as well for colour and a bit of sweetness and to accompany it all, a few spoonfuls of the pesto were tossed into a large bowl of pearl couscous.

If you can’t get nasturtium leaves, parsley will do fine or play around with some green leaves: a mix of spinach, rocket and parsley will have a similar peppery kick.


25g nasturtium leaves, washed and patted dry
85ml extra virgin olive oil
55ml cobnut oil
50g roasted cobnuts
35g mature cheddar, or other hard cheese
1 tsp malt vinegar
Pinch of salt


Put everything in a food processor and whizz until blended to a coarse paste. Transfer to a bowl and taste; adjust salt and vinegar as desired. Let stand at least 15 mins before serving. This will keep covered in the refrigerator, until it starts smelling funny but it probably won’t last that long.

Recipe & image: Laura Hutton